Collie Crawford, has a lifelong passion for painting, he has spent his life infusing colour and vibrancy into every canvas he touches. Born with a boundless love for the world of art, Collie’s journey as a painter has been a lifelong odyssey of creativity, innovation, and a quest to illuminate every room with sheer joy.

His art is a testament to the profound impact of colour, as each brushstroke tells a story, captures a mood, and evokes emotions that are nothing short of magical. Collie’s use of colour isn’t just a tool in his hands; it’s a vivid expression of his vibrant spirit and his unwavering dedication to infusing life with vibrancy.

But there’s another dimension to Collie’s artistic soul – a deep and abiding love for our four-legged, furry friends. It’s this affection that fuelled the creation of “What the Woof!” – an artistic venture that fuses his lifelong devotion to painting with his love for dogs. Collie believes that the bond between humans and dogs is a source of immeasurable inspiration and warmth, and he strives to capture their spirit and charm in each canvas, creating works of art that light up the hearts of dog lovers and art enthusiasts alike.

Collie Crawford’s artistic journey is a testament to the power of passion, the radiance of colour, and the enduring companionship of our canine companions. With each stroke of his brush, he invites you to share in his vibrant world, where every canvas is a celebration of life and a tribute to the bond between humans and their beloved four-legged friends.

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